Are You a Candidate for Breast Reduction? By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on July 13, 2017

Not everyone wishes they had larger breasts. In fact, for some women, having large breasts and the weight of excess breast tissue causes physical discomfort and emotional stress. Just as breast augmentation can make smaller breasts larger, a breast reduction helps reduce the size of large breasts that are disproportionate to a woman’s body.

Breast reduction surgery isn’t always the right choice for every woman. If you’re considering on having breast reduction surgery, it might be time to sit down with your surgeon and discuss your options. To help you get started, here is what to consider.

What is the Procedure?

Breast reduction surgery, an outpatient procedure, involves the surgical excision of surplus breast skin and tissue. The procedure typically takes up 2 to 5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make an incision around your nipple, and the operating team will remove extra skin, tissue and fat from your breasts and re-position your nipple. Drainage tubes may be used, followed by a special gauze to wrap the breasts and treatment area. You may also need to wear a surgical bra.

How Should I Prepare?

Before the day of surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely evaluate your medical history and overall health, and discuss your expectations for breast size and appearance. A detailed description of the procedure and its risks and benefits will be provided, along with an explanation of the type of anesthesia used during surgery. Your surgeon may also examine and measure your breasts, take photographs for medical records, and complete various lab tests including a baseline mammogram.

Stop smoking before and after surgery – how long in advance and post will be determined by your surgeon. Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements to help control bleeding during surgery.

What Can I Expect After Surgery and Recovery?

After the procedure, gauze is placed over the incision and the breasts are wrapped in an elastic bandage or supported with a special surgical bra. Stiches may be removed in 1 to 2 weeks. Breast tenderness and pain may accompany for the first few days after surgery, and then mild discomfort for a week or longer. Medication can be prescribed to relieve the pain. Swelling and bruising may last for several weeks, and wearing a surgical bra 24 hours a day, regularly can help reduce swelling and support the breasts while they heal. Within a couple weeks, you can resume normal activities, but avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 3 to 4 weeks or more.

Schedule a Consultation

Although there are some great advantages to liposuction, it is important to consult an informed and experienced plastic surgeon when making this decision. There are plenty of cosmetic procedures to reduce unwanted fat, and this can be overwhelming. Here, at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, we will discuss and review your treatment options to find the perfect fit for you and your desired results.

At Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, we take pride in providing the leading plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Spearheaded by Dr. Joseph M. Brown, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery is one of the top plastic surgery practices in Lutz, Tampa, Trinity and Brandon area. Dr. Brown has carefully crafted his practice into a collaborative space where patients can comfortably communicate, visualize and achieve their ideal goals with his extensive expertise. For more information, call Plastic Surgery TB at (813) 774-5733 or schedule a consultation here.

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