How Does Gynecomastia Develop? By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on May 10, 2018

Gynecomastia is a term you may not be familiar with, as it is a condition that is rarely addressed despite how common it is. In this article, we will discuss what gynecomastia is, what causes it, and what your options are for gynecomastia reduction in Tampa if you are currently struggling with this condition.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is characterized by the swelling of breast tissue in boys or men. Though male breast tissue development is often caused by an imbalance in the testosterone/estrogen hormone levels, there are several other factors that may also contribute to the development of this condition. Gynecomastia is the medical term for overly developed male breasts and breast tissue, and it affects an estimated 40-60% of men. This condition can affect one breast or both.

What Causes Gynecomastia to Develop?

There are many contributing factors when it comes to the development of male breast tissue. Today, there are certain drugs and medical issues that have been linked with the over development of male breasts. However, there is no known cause in most cases, but there are a variety of reasons one could develop excess breast tissue.

The most common cause of male breast tissue is an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in the body. A hormone imbalance can be brought on by several external and internal factors, and understanding what has triggered a potential imbalance is important to many areas of your overall health, particularly

For young men, extra breast tissue is an issue that typically resolved itself. For adult and older men, the condition could be permanent unless addressed surgically. Below are a few potential causes of excess male breast tissue:

● Weight gain ● Hormone imbalance ● Tumors ● Certain prescription medications ● Anabolic steroids ● Corticosteroids ● Drugs & alcohol

Is There a Solution?

Yes! Patients suffering with gynecomastia can undergo male breast reduction at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. These surgeries can reshape the male chest to fit a more masculine appearance, leaving patients feeling confident. This surgery not only leaves patients physical appearance with a firmer, flatter, and improved chest contours, but also improved their emotional state as well. Low self-esteem is a major side effect of this condition, and this procedure usually results in majorly improved self-esteem.

What Exactly is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction is a procedure where a doctor permanently surgically removes excess breast tissue from the chest wall of the male patient. There are three levels of this procedure: mild, moderate, and severe.

● Mild: Liposuction. In mild cases, liposuction is usually all that is required to remove the excess breast tissue and excess fat. This creates a more masculine contour and pectoral definition.

● Moderate: Direct excision possibly including liposuction. In moderate cases, incisions might be made around the edge of the areola to extract dense and firm tissue from behind the nipple. Additionally, liposuction throughout the chest might be performed to further refine the results.

● Severe: Direct excision and skin excision with nipple repositioning. In these severe cases, skin will be excised, and the nipple will be relocated for the best, most natural and masculine appearance.

You are a candidate for a male breast reduction surgery if you are in good overall health and are a non-smoker.

Male Breast Reduction in Tampa

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