Strategic Body Contouring Procedures to Give You Curves By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on August 16, 2018

Whether you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, are looking to restore firmness to your skin, or want to reduce fat in certain areas of your body, you may want to consider body contouring. Widely known for its ability to deliver beautiful results both with or without the use of a scalpel, body contouring can be effective at reducing excess skin, eliminating pockets of stubborn fat, and shaping your body into its ideal look. This is extremely versatile and effective, so with a variety of procedures available to strategically contour your body, it is important to speak to the experts at Tampa Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery about your body contouring. Get plastic surgery Tampa with Dr. Brown and the team at TA&PS.

Breast Lift

Time, pregnancy, and changes in weight are just a few causes of a sagging, deflated breast shape. To restore the body contour of the breasts to a more youthful and uplifted position, a mastopexy, or breast lift, can be performed. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the amount of breast lift procedures has grown 70% since 2000, beating out breast implant 2-to-1. This procedure is unique because you are not changing your body type, but enhancing your breasts as they are to be transformed back to their original shape. During the procedure, excess skin is trimmed away, the underlying tissue is tightened, and the breast is put into its new shape and position.

Correcting Sagging Skin

Often from significant weight loss, sagging skin can obstruct the contour of your body. Do not let all that hard work you put in to lose the weight go to waste, and make sure that your new body is better than your old. Depending on the location of the body that the sagging skin is occurring, there are a variety of procedures and options for corrections:

- Rhytidectomy (facelift) to correct sagging skin on the face from age - Platysmaplasty (neck lift) to correct sagging skin on the neck that may be present from age or weight gain - Brachioplasty (arm lift) to correct sagging skin on the arms - Thighplasty (thigh lift) to correct sagging skin on the thighs

No matter where the problem area is, there is a procedure that is tailor made for you. To talk about the options in detail and see which procedure(s) is right for you, contact the experts on body contouring in Tampa today.

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, this procedure is perfect to counteract the effects of pregnancy, significant weight loss, or a stubborn area of fat/loose skin that will not go away on its own. Aside from its ability to increase definition in the abdomen and narrow the waist, the tummy tuck can also remove excess skin and stretch marks, repair the six-pack muscles, and boost self-confidence. Although the stomach can be easily hidden, there is nothing better than feeling the confidence to go to a pool party in a two-piece bathing suit, and know that you look young and fit. Additionally, this body contouring procedure is flexible since there are a variety of options available based on the desired look you are trying to achieve (i.e. mini tummy tuck, full tummy tuck, extended tummy tuck, reverse tummy tuck).

Body Contouring In Tampa

No matter what area you are looking to improve, there is an option that is right for you to strategically contour your body for amazing curves. To see Tampa Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery’s impressive gallery on body contouring in Tampa, click here.

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