Are You a Before & After Photo Expert? By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on December 17, 2018

Why is looking at Before & After Galleries the best place to start your plastic surgery journey? First, it’s a fun, no-pressure way to test the waters. You can get a feeling for the plastic surgery “look” without even setting foot in a doctor’s office if you aren’t comfortable doing that yet.

You’re looking for a surgeon that can create great results for a) your body type and b) your aesthetic goals. A patient researching Brazilian Butt Lift in Tampa, for instance, could look at Dr. Brown at Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery’s Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos. Then, the patient could compare Dr. Brown’s results with those of other surgeon’s.

When you do find the right surgeon, you can also use the photos to help articulate your goals. If you want a achieve a certain look or shape, find a photo that suits you and show it to your surgeon.

Look to See “Yourself” in the Photos

Even if you find the most gorgeous photos for a Brazilian Butt lift in Tampa, if the “before” photo shows a patient with a body that looks nothing like yours, you are not learning much about what is possible for you to achieve. So, the first step in finding useful photos is identifying bodies that resemble yours.

The second step is choosing the results you like best from the patients that resemble you. Be prepared to point out what you like and dislike to your surgeon when you go into Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

Signs of a Surgeon’s Skill

There are some things you can tell about a plastic surgeon just by looking at their Before & After Gallery. You can look for signs of skillful work, which have these hallmarks:

1. Symmetry

Patients bodies should look symmetrical before, but especially after their surgery. Symmetry and proportion are foundations of beauty. Not all asymmetry can be corrected, but you want a step in the right direction.

2. Thin, neat scars

Surgery leaves scars that can be seen on the nude body. Well prepared and placed scars should not “jump out” at you. In addition, every effort should be made to position them so they are hidden by the undergarments or clothing.

3. A Natural Look

You should see a variety of Brazilian Butt Lift Tampa and other patients who don’t look “plastic,” but rather, they look like improved versions of themselves. They should all look natural.

Potential ‘Red Flags’

Results that are Nearly Identical

The results might be excellent, but if every patient that walks in a doctor’s door walks out looking the same, beware. That surgeon may only know how to do one thing well. If that one thing suits you, you may be in luck. In all other cases, remember: more skilled plastic surgeons will be able to achieve results for different body shapes and sizes, personalizing results to a patient’s proportions.

Photo Details that Change Between Before & After

Photographers often play with the lighting, pose, zoom effect, and other elements of a photo to emphasize the difference between the Before and After photos. Variations like having a patient frown in their Before photo and smile in the After photo can make results appear better than they are. A lot of times, this is just sloppy photography, and the surgeon is not really trying to compensate for mediocre results. The lesson is to look closely at all the photo’s details.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Tampa

Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery: Through safety, fantastic results, and strong doctor-patient relationships, Dr. Joseph M. Brown will help you achieve the results you are looking for, not results that someone else decides for you. Dr. Brown is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who treats every patient like they were his own mother, wife, or child. Learn about Dr. Brown’s impact on people like you via his Patient Stories, and then contact Tampa Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery for a consultation!

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