Problems Caused by Large Breasts By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on January 26, 2021

Large breasts may be all the rage. But, well-endowed women can certainly tell you that they aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. All manner of problems caused by large breasts can pop up.

Breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of the body can cause serious strain on your back and shoulders. At the same time, they make it painful to perform normal behaviors like running, going downstairs, and going over speedbumps. Sadly, these issues are often minimized. Women with larger breasts are told they’re fortunate, and all too often the related medical issues are ignored as a result.

Problems Caused by Large Breasts

In order to shed more light on this matter, let’s delve into the problems caused by breasts that are too large and what you can do about it. The plastic surgeon Tampa is here to help.

Your Back Takes the Brunt of It

Large breasts are heavy. Even a pair of D-cups typically weigh between 15 and 23 lbs. D-cups are considered rather large, but they’re nothing compared to what women with truly large breasts have to contend with. Our bras were designed to shape and provide some support, but they’re helpless against breasts that weigh 15-30 lbs each. Rather, all of that weight gets transferred to your back and shoulders. As a result, most large breasted women struggle with poor posture and severe chronic back pain.

Childbirth and Breast Feeding Make it Worse

If your breasts are already large, then pregnancy will only complicate your situation. Many women gain several pounds in their breasts as their body prepares to provide nourishment for the new baby. To make matters worse, breastfeeding can be quite difficult with large breasts.

Your infant will be using their barely developed senses to locate the nipple, but with lots of extra breast tissue, it can be difficult for them to safely latch without blocking their own airways. You will have to hold the rest of your breast tissue away from the nipple simply to ensure that they can feed without suffocating.

Sagging is Inevitable

Although sagging is largely a cosmetic issue, it is certainly one to consider. The sheer weight of your breasts puts pressure on the skin, causing premature stretching. This can be mitigated by wearing very-well designed bras specifically made for large-chested women, but this can be an expensive option that may not even entirely prevent it.

Sleeping is a Catch-22

Sleeping is difficult enough with smaller breasts. When you lay on your back, they’re all over the place. When you lay on your side, they push to the side. And when you lay on your stomach, they’re squashed by your body weight. Ultimately, there is no truly comfortable position left. For women with a full upper figure, it can be nearly impossible to sleep through the night without some form of discomfort.

Exercise is a Whole Other Challenge

If walking downstairs is painful, then you can imagine how bad running on a treadmill is. Unless you have on the world’s strongest sports bra, they are going to bounce, and that weight hurts as it comes down. Given the pain and discomfort caused by basic exercise activities like running, biking, and yoga many large-breasted women struggle to get adequate exercise.

Breast Reduction Tampa

It is perfectly normal to love your body. That’s the goal. However, if your breasts are causing you pain, then it may be time to talk to your doctor about a more permanent solution. Breast reduction surgery is a great option for women whose breasts simply weigh too much for them. By removing excess tissue and reducing the size of the areola to match, your board-certified plastic surgeon can help improve your quality of life while improving the proportion and shape of your breasts.

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