Why Looking Good Is Important By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on May 27, 2021

Every time we open our computers, check our phones, or go outside, we’re accosted by images of seemingly perfect people. The widespread use of Photoshop and fad diets have pushed modern culture towards opposing extremes when it comes to physical appearance. Let's look at why looking good is important.

Why Looking Good Is Important

The truth is that neither extreme is healthy or sustainable. The way you look should never be your only concern, but it does play a vital role in the way people interact with you and how you feel about yourself. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance that allows you to live your healthiest life.

Our Bodies and Society

In a perfect world, strangers would only judge you on the contents of your mind and emotions within your heart. That just isn’t reality. For the most part, the way you look works as the first data set that helps someone new to understand who they think you are. Someone who doesn’t know you well is going to make a whole host of assumptions based on that data set, and those assumptions may affect your professional life, your social life, and even your love life.

Don’t misunderstand us, if you’re comfortable in your body and your aesthetic, then you should definitely embrace that part of yourself. It just might take a little more work on your part if you want to show other people who you are as a person outside of their assumptions. As long as you’re happy and living a life that offers you a future that you want, there’s no reason to change your look. What you do want to do is make sure you’re always leaving enough time for self-care.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Looking good and feeling good connect at two points: self-care and confidence. Self-care is a multifaceted process in which we ensure that our emotional, mental, and physical needs are being met. Going to therapy, staying hydrated, and being physically active are all important parts of self-care. Even when none of these activities are specifically intended to improve your outward appearance, they do that naturally. This combined with the confidence of being happy will naturally make you more attractive to other people, easing your path through society.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get to the point where you feel worthy of self-care. Body image issues are common, and they don’t always have an easily defined cause. As a result, many people have to attack their body image issues from two directions by using therapy and physical changes in combination to improve their self-confidence and mental health. In some of these cases, you may consider speaking with your Tampa plastic surgeon to address specific physical attributes that are contributing to your lack of self-confidence.

Taking Action

If you’ve decided to have body contouring in Tampa or some other plastic surgery to address a small part of your appearance, then you will need to manage your expectations. Your chosen procedure will help you to enhance your physical appearance. The procedure alone cannot fix unhappiness or a lack of self-confidence.

In order to improve those parts of your life, you’ll need to work at a deeper level to get the most out of your procedure. Speaking with a licensed therapist throughout the process can really help to provide the scaffolding you need to understand the value of your physical changes and the mental work you will need to do to enhance your entire experience.

To put it simply, plastic surgery is an aide, not a complete solution when it comes to changing the way you look at life and the way people look at you. However, if a nip here and a tuck there help you to learn to love what you see in the mirror, then that will help to give you the confidence to go out into the world and share the person you are with everyone you meet. When you feel good about yourself and like your look, you’re sure to make a great impression.

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