Fixing Breast Asymmetry without Implants By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on August 09, 2022

The vast majority of people have asymmetrical breast tissue. While there are exceptions, the person’s dominant side tends to have a bit more volume due to greater use, but the variation in size between the two sides can be much more noticeable in some cases. Let's look at fixing breast asymmetry without implants.

Fixing Breast Asymmetry without Implants

If you have a noticeable level of breast asymmetry that you would like to permanently address, then there are several options available to you. Without the use of breast implants, you essentially have two choices, increase the size of one breast or decrease the size of the other.

Increasing the Size of One Breast

With mild to moderate breast asymmetry, it may be possible to increase the size of one breast enough to address the issue without the use of a breast implant. Instead of using an implant, your cosmetic surgeon in Tampa will perform a breast augmentation using a fat transfer from another part of your body.

While this approach appeals to many people, it does have its limitations. For your own safety, your doctor can only transfer a limited amount of fat. Once the fat is transferred, some of it will be reabsorbed by your body. As a result, a fat transfer breast augmentation is only suitable for increasing a breast ½ cup size to 1 cup size.

If your breast asymmetry is more significant than that, you may need to consider an alternative option. Breast implants are an option if you still wish to increase the size of the smaller breast. If you’re against using a breast implant, then you can always decrease the size of the larger breast.

Decreasing the Size of One Breast

In order to create better symmetry between your breasts, you can also reduce the size of the larger breast to match the smaller one with breast reduction surgery. While breast reduction still has its limitations, it can address a more dramatic asymmetry.

This surgery can be a little more involved because your doctor will have to address the excess skin and the placement of your nipple. Have an in-depth discussion with your surgeon regarding any adjustments that may prove needed to understand where you may have scarring and how your surgeon intends to hide it. Usually, scarring can be hidden underneath the breast and at the margin where the darker areola meets the lighter skin.

Including a Breast Lift

A breast lift isn’t always necessary when addressing breast asymmetry, but it can help to make the results more flattering to your body. A breast lift can be used on one side or on both to make sure that the height and contour of both breasts meet your aesthetic expectations.

The addition of a breast lift in Tampa is most helpful when one or both sides have stretched as a result of age, pregnancy, or the weight of your natural breasts. Adjusting the asymmetry between your breasts can make sure the volume of each breast is about the same, but it can’t ensure that they are the same shape.

If your breasts naturally have a slightly different shape or one breast was under the strain of additional weight, then a volume adjustment alone won’t be enough to make your breasts appear fully symmetrical. A breast lift can help to create a better balance between the two.

Discussing Options with Your Surgeon

You may have an idea of what you want to do to address your breast asymmetry, but you should ultimately wait to make a final decision until you talk to your board-certified surgeon. With their experience in the field, they will be able to match your goals to the best possible surgical option.

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