Why a Mommy Makeover Varies In Price By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on April 18, 2023

A mommy makeover is a complex synthesis of multiple procedures that can restore a woman’s physique post-pregnancy. One common question we get asks why a mommy makeover varies in price.

Why a Mommy Makeover Varies In Price

This procedure has become popular in recent years for its ability to rejuvenate a mother’s figure post-pregnancy, which often suffers from the physical stress of child-bearing.

However, what exactly a mommy makeover will entail changes drastically depending on a number of factors, including your personal physique, the areas of your body that you wish to modify, and elements of your personal health.

All of these factors can result in very different surgeries that vary heavily in cost and scale, which in turn can result in highly variable price points. What follows is a description of some of the factors that can contribute to these variables.

Many Procedures in One

The overall goal of a mommy makeover is to give your figure a tightened, contoured look that reflects the physique that you had post-pregnancy.

A mommy makeover can involve several different plastic surgery operations that are rolled into one. Some of these procedures can include breast augmentation, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

All of these types of procedures include different amounts of anesthesia and other medical materials. They also have varying surgery durations and lengths, as well as different amounts of post-surgery care, lab tests, and garments.

Because of all of this, there is no one standardized procedure that constitutes a mommy makeover, adding to the potential unpredictability of the surgery’s potential cost.

Pre-surgical Consultation

Before your surgery, you’ll engage in multiple consultation sessions with your prospective surgeon, where you can discuss what will go into your personal mommy makeover operation.

You also will discuss subjects such as your personal health, any previous surgical history that you might have, and your aesthetic goals for your operation.

During these consultations, you should feel encouraged to ask your physician any and all questions that you might have regarding your operation, so you have the clearest idea possible of what will occur during your operation.

You also will receive an estimate of costs for your personalized mommy makeover, giving you an idea of the kind of financial commitment you will need to make.

Overall, this should give you a clearer picture of how to prepare on a medical and financial level for your operation.

Consider Your Location

Where you’re receiving treatment can also have a major impact on the overall cost of your operation. Plastic surgery hotspots like Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Miami often carry with them higher price points simply due to the affluent nature of these places, along with increased competition from higher densities of surgeons.

Another reason that procedures in places like this are generally more expensive is because of the increased level of overhead costs for the medical facilities as well.

On the other hand, if you reside in a place that isn’t quite as densely packed with surgeons and is generally paired with a lower cost of living, you might find that your procedure is much more affordable overall.

Different Surgeons, Different Price Points

Another factor that can change the overall cost of your operation is your choice in a surgeon. Generally speaking, surgeons who are specialists in their fields or who have more experience can oftentimes command higher costs for their surgical services.

That said, with an operation as delicate and complex as a mommy makeover, you’ll want to give yourself access to the most highly skilled medical professional possible. This is in order to minimize risk as well as to maximize the chances the surgery will meet your aesthetic expectations.

Some things that you should look for when selecting your surgeon include:

  • See whether or not they have board-certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Ask whether they have successfully completed similar operations in the past
  • Ask them about their education and accreditation
  • Possibly ask them for references or examples of successfully completed past surgeries
It cannot be overstated that you must find a physician that you feel can safely and responsibly execute your mommy makeover plan without complication. Surgery complications will only add expense, stress, and possibly further medical problems should they arise.

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