How to Plan and Prepare For Your Mommy Makeover: Key Steps to Take By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on September 08, 2023

A mommy makeover can be a very involved procedure to its complex nature. Often it involves multiple complex plastic surgery procedures. For this reason, it’s extra important to ensure that you’re taking the steps you need to take to have the safest and most secure procedure possible. Below, we cover how to plan and prepare for your mommy makeover.

How to Plan and Prepare For Your Mommy Makeover: Key Steps to Take

If you are thinking about receiving this type of treatment or just interested in learning more about what goes into it, here’s a guide on how best to prepare for this procedure.

What Happens During a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a term given to a set of procedures designed to help a woman restore some of their natural figure from the fluctuations that oftentimes occur after pregnancy.

In many cases, these changes in figure persists despite vigorous diet and exercise efforts. This is when a medical professional is needed to apply treatment.

Mommy makeovers are versatile treatments, and oftentimes no two are the same. The set of procedures that it involves is fitted to the needs of the patient.

1. Try To Lose Your Baby Weight

One step that you can take in order to maximize the results of your procedure is to attempt to lose your baby-weight beforehand. Even if you aren’t successful at removing all of it, modest success can be of great help during this period.

Many of the primary mommy makeover techniques are not actually explicitly aimed at weight loss. Rather, they are body sculpting techniques that can restore sensuality and grace to the body after pregnancy.

Rapid gains or loss in weight after your surgery can actually interfere with your surgery results, so it’s best to make an attempt prior to your actual operation.

2. Quit Tobacco

Tobacco is a harmful substance that can interfere with many of the body’s physiological systems. This is especially true in any period when you need to be at your best.

Most physicians will generally recommend that you quit tobacco use for at least 6 weeks prior to receiving your treatment. This can give you the physiological grounding that you’ll need in order to achieve your best results.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Like smoking, alcohol can be hazardous to your physiology, especially when you’re attempting activities that carry inherent risk like a surgery.

Limiting your alcohol consumption prior to your mommy makeover can give you a sturdy foundation for some of the physiological stresses that can come with taking on more serious medical procedures.

You will likely be advised to completely stop drinking alcohol for at least two weeks prior to your procedure.

4. Avoid Certain Types of Medications

There are a number of common over-the-counter medications that you might be advised to avoid while gearing up for your Mommy makeover.

This includes some fairly common substances, such as aspirin, NSAIDs, blood thinning medications and more. This is because many of these types of medications can interfere with blood pressure and flow, which has the potential to impact how your procedure goes.

5. Clear Your Schedule and Set Up Childcare

You’ll want to give yourself an adequate recovery period for after your procedure. This will include taking time off of work and setting up care for pets and children.

This is because you’ll be fairly vulnerable in your post-surgical period. Giving yourself time to avoid exerting yourself too much will be absolutely essential to maximizing your recovery process.

6. Set Up Your Home For Surgery Recovery

By the same token, one needs to set up their home space. This way, they do not have to exert much energy to perform basic tasks.

This will include doing some things that you might not usually have to for yourself, including meal preparation and the like.

It also might include things like taking the time to ensure that you have a trusted loved one ready to take you to and from the hospital after your procedure.

7. Get Enough Rest

Getting enough rest is essential to ensuring that your recovery is swift and that your initial procedure goes well.

It’s very difficult for the body to fully recover from any serious medical procedure without receiving adequate rest and relaxation after the procedure is finished. Taking these steps can give you an edge on having a successful experience.

Tampa’s Center For Mommy Makeover

Synergy MD is Tampa’s center for successful mommy makeovers. If you’re interested to schedule a consultation in order to determine whether or not this procedure is right for you, then contact our office today.

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