What Cosmetic Surgeries Are Helpful After Losing a Lot of Weight? By Joseph M. Brown, MD, FACS on November 30, 2023

woman laying on a raft in a poolIf you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may be very excited about the changes in your body. But unfortunately, many patients are left with excess skin in certain areas of the body. At SynergyMD Plastic Surgery in TampaFL, we perform a range of body contouring treatments. So, what cosmetic surgeries are recommended after losing weight? Here, we discuss common body contouring procedures after massive weight loss.

The areas in which you would like to address depend on your unique needs. Every individual is different and accumulates fat and excess skin in different areas of the body. When you come to our practice for a consultation, we can develop a custom treatment plan for you.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is one of the most common procedures performed after massive weight loss. For many patients, excess fat is located in the abdominal region. After weight loss, many patients are left with a large band of skin around the lower abdomen. This can make exercise difficult, and can also cause rashes, itching, and other issues. At our Tampa practice, we can remove this excess skin to make it easier for you to move around, make you more comfortable, and improve your appearance.

Thigh Lift

The thighs are another area of the body in which fat commonly accumulates. Even after weight loss, the excess skin between the thighs can rub up against each other and cause rashes and itching. By carefully removing some of the skin along the thighs, we can improve their contour and your comfort. Not only does this make it easier to exercise, it will also make you feel more self-confident in yourself.

Arm Lift

Many people that have lost an excessive amount of weight are familiar with the excess skin that hangs from their upper arms. This can make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance, and prevent them from wearing short-sleeve tops and tank tops. Our plastic surgeons can make an incision in the armpit down to the elbow to tighten the skin along the upper arms. This procedure offers excellent results.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Weight loss commonly affects the breasts, causing issues such as lost volume and sagging. We can place breast implants and perform a breast lift to increase the size of the breasts, improve their shape, and move the nipple to a more fitting location.

Neck Lift

Most people may not think about having excess skin on the neck after significant weight loss. But this is a common problem, especially among older patients. We offer neck lift surgery to tighten the skin and muscles on the neck to contribute to a younger-looking appearance.

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If you are considering undergoing body contouring surgery after massive weight loss, contact our Tampa-area practice today. You can meet with one of the surgeons at SynergyMD Plastic Surgery to find out your best course of treatment.

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