We believe everyone deserves to feel confident about their bodies. However, aging or genetics can cause us to lose that confidence and impact our quality of life. A breast lift is one powerful way that you can achieve your aesthetic goals and boost your pride in your appearance.


A breast lift aims to improve the shape and position of your breasts. This procedure, also called mastopexy, can enhance your breasts, resulting in a firm and rounded look. By removing excess skin and tightening tissue, a breast lift works to fight the effects of aging, gravity, weight loss, and pregnancy. This procedure is excellent for raising sagging or drooping breasts.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Brown has helped numerous patients achieve their goals and build new confidence in their bodies.

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Every breast lift is different, as Dr. Brown tailors the procedure to your unique needs. However, the procedure generally relies on three core steps:

  • Removing excess skin
  • Tightening the underlying tissues
  • Pulling the breast into its new shape

However, you can also combine a breast lift with other procedures. Many patients choose to have breast augmentation at the same time as this procedure. When performed together, these two breast procedures create a stunning new look. The lift enhances the shape, and the augmentation adds size and support.

Before surgery, you will have a preoperative visit with Dr. Brown and his team. You will receive the necessary prescriptions along with the essential instructions for what to do before and after surgery.

Basic guidelines include:

  • Scheduling a mammogram
  • Stopping smoking or vaping
  • Avoiding certain medications
  • Arranging for care during your recovery post-surgery
  • Being and maintaining a healthy weight

Dr. Brown will be directly involved in all aspects of your preparation and recovery throughout the entire process. We encourage and welcome questions along the way.

During your procedure, you will receive general anesthesia or IV sedation. Dr. Brown then goes step by step based on your agreed-upon treatment plan. Typically, the procedure lasts about two hours, but this can vary according to your procedure plan. After your breast lift, you can return home the same day if someone drives you.


There are various incision patterns and techniques for a breast lift. Dr. Brown will determine which procedure is best for you based on:

  • Current shape and size of your breasts
  • Size and position of the areolas
  • The current degree of breast sagging
  • Amount of extra skin present
  • Quality and elasticity of the skin


Women considering a breast lift often have concerns about the scarring from incisions. The incisions vary and depend on two factors.

  1. How severe breast sagging is
  2. How much tissue volume is present

Based on these, we use one of the three most common incisions patterns:

  • Around the areola
  • A vertical incision to the breast crease around the areola
  • Both a vertical and horizontal breast crease incision around the areola


We work with patients step-by-step to develop a personalized plan and match the procedure to your needs. That is why we always start with a thorough consultation to see what procedures you may be a candidate for.

Your visit with Dr. Brown will include a thorough medical history and a physical exam to get accurate breast measurements. These measurements help determine the surgical technique that will safely achieve your goals. Based on your consultation, we can help you decide what procedure will be best for your needs.

The ideal breast lift candidate will:

  • Be in overall good health
  • Be at a stable weight
  • Avoid smoking before and after the procedure
  • Have healthy expectations and goals


If this is your only surgery, you will likely go home the same day of the procedure. You can expect some pain and swelling around your breasts, but this can be managed with medication.

Recovery is straightforward but will require 1-2 weeks of initial downtime. Most patients take these two weeks off from work and focus on recovery. While minor movement can help, we advise avoiding any strenuous activity. After two weeks, you can begin returning to normal physical activity with Dr. Brown’s discretion.

After six weeks, you should be able to return to regular exercise and activity. Remember, giving yourself time to heal is essential for minimizing scarring. Expect swelling that can take a few months to resolve completely. Once it does, you will be able to see your final results, which should last for years to come.

Dr. Brown sees his patients regularly in the recovery period and will provide any answers to questions you might have. These visits offer reassurance and make sure you are progressing as expected.


Caring for your breasts during and after recovery will play a significant role in how long your lift lasts. To help maintain the effects of your breast lift, we recommend:

  • Taking care of your skin by avoiding excess sun exposure
  • Avoid significant weight fluctuations.
  • Achieve your target weight at surgery, then sustain your weight with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wear proper support.
  • Avoid ill-fitting bras or going braless as rarely as possible.


SynergyMD Plastic Surgery are ready to help you with any questions you might have. If you think you might be a candidate for a breast lift, schedule a consultation today. Start the process of achieving the body you deserve, a body that inspires confidence in you. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan, keeping you informed with every step.

Dr. Joseph Brown

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A board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Joseph M. Brown strives to provide patients with transformative, yet natural results in a safe and comfortable environment. When you choose him as your provider, he will develop a patient-doctor relationship based on honesty, trust, and a clear understanding of a common goal. He is affiliated with organizations such as the:

  • American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Florida Medical Association
  • American Medical Association
  • American College of Surgeons

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