The Brazilian butt lift, also known as the gluteal lift, or BBL, is known to enhance the size, shape, feel, and appearance of one’s backside. Many reasons exist why someone isn’t satisfied with their butt. Fortunately, Dr. Brown can help. Now you can have a fuller, sexier butt figure with his top-rated Brazilian butt lift. Contact our Tampa plastic surgery office to schedule your consultation today.


There are many different factors that play into the size, shape, and look of one’s buttocks. The following factors play into your derrière’s appearance:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy & Motherhood
  • Weight Loss & Weight Gain

In many cases, these factors prevent one from achieving their deal butt. Despite following a good diet and exercise plan. A BBL by Dr. Brown will give you a firmer, fuller, and more aesthetically pleasing shape. In addition, you’ll also notice improvements from the fat transfer areas.

brazilian butt lift


Do you feel that your butt appears flatter and lacks curves? Is it less attractive, or lacking in size? If yes, then the BBL may be right for you. Ideal candidates must be in good general health. They must have enough fat in certain areas for harvest and transfer to the gluteal region. The best candidates also have realistic expectations. Knowing exactly what this procedure can do for them.

With any surgical procedure, it is important to understand the questions and topics to discuss with your surgeon. Here is a list of considerations that will help you through the decision process.

  • Medical health. If you have any heart, lung, or neurological disorders, you may not be a good candidate for a BBL.
  • Smoking. Smoking can compromise your ability to heal well from the surgery. If, however, you do smoke, you may be able to undergo butt lift surgery if you can refrain from smoking during the specified time frame designated by your surgeon before and after your procedure.
  • Drinking. Avoid drinking to excess. This can compromise with the surgical process.
  • Medications. Avoid taking certain medications or herbal products that can increase bleeding time.
  • Excess Fat. The best candidate for BBL are patients that have a fair amount of fat in the abdomen, hips, waist, and lower back. However, if you are too thin and may not have enough to remove for the surgeon to use, your plastic surgeon may ask you to gain a little bit of weight or consider alternative options.


  • Look Better In Underwear & Swimsuits
  • Improve Social Life
  • Safer Option Than Butt Implants
  • Slimmer In Fat Harvested Areas
  • Can Create A Perkier, Lifted Look
  • Improved Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Happiness


Brazilian butt lifts have potential risks like other surgical procedures. Performing a butt lift isn’t a simple surgery. Your plastic surgeon needs to have specific experience and training. While also having an intimate understanding of the body’s functional systems.

A BBL has unique safety considerations such as:

  • the amount of fat that can be safely removed
  • exact locations for fat injection
  • depth of the fact injections
  • fat amount that can be safely injected

With proper screening, a Brazilian butt lift is safe. Dr. Brown has safely performed this procedure on many patients. With extremely satisfying results for them.


For a safe Butt Lift surgery, you need to first find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. One that knows there’s no one size fits all approach.  Your body is unique with varying levels of fat and muscle. The surgeon will need to know the fat transfer that is safe for your body.  What’s safe for one person isn’t necessarily safe for you. These nuances need to be well understood by the surgeon.

At SynergyMD Plastic Surgery, we’re up to date on the latest safety precautions. Our surgeon will recognize any limitations of the procedure will have for you. Dr. Brown is completely transparent on your expected results.


Every surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk and it is important to understand the risks involved before setting your heart on it. Understanding the risks and potential benefits will guide you in your final decision. Please consult Dr. your doctor for a detailed breakdown of the benefits and risks associated with your specific case.


A BBL is a popular form of butt augmentation compared to other butt implants. The reason is that this procedure uses your own natural fat to reshape your buttocks. This procedure uses your excess, viable fat removed through liposuction from these regions:

  • Waist
  • Flanks
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Thighs

Once fat harvesting is complete, Dr. Brown will skillfully process the fat. Next, he will strategically inject it into the buttocks. Resulting in more beautiful contour and sexier silhouette. This technique is minimally invasive. It also has less incisions, and quicker recovery times compared to butt implants.

Brazilian butt lift - patient before and after picture front view

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is also commonly combined with other procedures. Such as a tummy tuckliposuctionbreast augmentation. Especially as part of a mommy makeover.


Following the procedure, Dr. Brown will schedule a post-operative appointment. This is for further monitoring of your recovery process. He welcomes any questions or concerns you may have throughout the recovery process. After BBL surgery, there will be wrapping of your buttocks in a compression garment. The wrapping will help with the proper shape healing. Patients should avoid applying pressure to the buttocks for at least 3 weeks. Around 4 weeks, patients should be able to return to all normal day-to-day activities. Excluding anything straining or over-exerting physically


Book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Brown today at SynergyMD Plastic Surgery. See how a Brazilian butt lift procedure can shape your backside to perfection today!

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