Patients may be dissatisfied with their first breast augmentation for a number of reasons. Perhaps you want to increase or decrease the size of your implants. Or sometimes the surgeon may not have delivered the results you hoped for. In these cases, you can seek a breast revision procedure to help you get the results you wanted the first time around.

At SynergyMD Plastic Surgery, we aim to deliver outstanding results to every one of our patients. We want you to reach your goals and achieve an aesthetic that fills you with confidence. That is why we are proud to offer breast revision surgery to help you finally achieve your goals. Reach out to our Tampa plastic surgery office to learn more about this procedure and get started on your treatment plan.

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Breast implant revision surgery can be very complex. Not only does it require an extensive understanding of the breast’s structures, but it requires the ability to alter your previous results. As such, it requires a hybrid approach from the cosmetic and reconstructive mindset. Though there are numerous reasons for a breast revision, our goal remains to deliver results that leave you fully satisfied.

Common reasons for seeking breast revision surgery include:

  • Problems with the implant such as leaking
  • Incorrect sizing, resulting in a distorted or rippling appearance
  • Desire to increase implant size
  • Desire to change to a different implant type
  • Not pleased with the outcome of your first surgery

Dr. Brown has extensive training and experience in breast procedures and employs principles from each of them when considering safe surgical options for breast revision. Every breast surgery, especially revision, requires:

  • A thorough workup and evaluation
  • Extensive planning
  • And detailed communication about your starting point, your goals, and the realistic results you can expect to achieve

Not everyone is a candidate for breast implant revision surgery, and not every revision can be done in a single operation. However, we can guarantee we will work closely with you to find the solution that is best for you.


In general, your breast revision surgery will look similar to your first procedure. It will also be using general anesthesia or sedation. Dr. Brown will then carefully make changes according to your agreed-upon plan. This could range from simply repositioning your implant to switching it out for a new one. Because breast revision is so highly individualized, each procedure will differ according to your goals. In general, a revision surgery can take between 1-2 hours, but this varies depending on the exact nature of your plan.

Generally, you will be able to return home the same day as your revision surgery. However, you will need someone to drive you.


The decision on whether or when to move forward with a breast implant revision surgery can be challenging. In most instances, the best thing to do is to wait one year after your last operation to allow your body and tissues to heal and settle into a “stable state.” This way, you can be certain about your final results and what changes you want to make.

Below are listed some signs that breast revision surgery may be right for you:

  • Issues with the breast implant itself, such as leaks, ruptures, or size issues. You may also experience problems with the capsule around the implant, which can harden, thicken, or cause pain and distort the implant.
  • Malposition of implants, such as it shifting to create an unnatural look and uncomfortable feel.
  • Symmastia, which is when the implants cross the midline or raise the skin between the breasts.
  • Double-bubble deformity, where the breast either sits above or below the implant and there is an unnatural crease.
  • Movement of the implant can occur when lying flat or with activity if the pocket is overly large and the implant has too much room to move around.
  • Animation deformity occurs when the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle and the implant is displaced when the muscle contracts.
  • Recurrence of breast hypertrophy after previous reduction, which typically affects women who had a breast reduction at a very young age.
  • Excessive scarring around the areola or along the breast.
    Implants are too big and you want a more natural look.
  • Visible rippling of the implants.

In each case, the first step to see if breast revision surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation. During your individual meeting with Dr. Brown, you will have a chance to fully express your goals. He then works closely with you to develop a plan that will help you reach them. Every breast revision plan is fully tailored to match your needs and deliver optimal results.


Breast implant revision is a highly varied procedure, so the exact amount of time you spend recovery can differ from patient to patient. Factors that influence recovery include age, overall health, and the nature of your procedure. However, most patients can expect to take an initial 10-14 off from work in downtime. During this initial healing period, it will be important to avoid any strenuous activity and allow your body to recover properly.

Dr. Brown will provide you with a complete list of instructions for your breast revision recovery to ensure optimal outcomes. You can expect to return to normal activity and exercises after about 6 weeks. If you have any questions at any point in your recovery, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.


Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Brown at SynergyMD Plastic Surgery. Take the first steps to see if breast revision surgery is right for you and finally reach your aesthetic goals. Call us today to learn more about our range of specialized plastic surgery procedures for the Tampa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Westchase, and Brandon areas. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and get the results you want with your personalized breast revision procedure.

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A board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Joseph M. Brown strives to provide patients with transformative, yet natural results in a safe and comfortable environment. When you choose him as your provider, he will develop a patient-doctor relationship based on honesty, trust, and a clear understanding of a common goal. He is affiliated with organizations such as the:

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